About us

MyDumisha is our kennel name. In Afrikaans it means intense friendship. Because with this great breed, we have a special friendship given. When we lost our heart to the Rhodesian Ridgeback we could not do anything imagine what the breed would bring us. We saw a beautiful one dog we fell in love with, but did not know what it meant then gave us ... We were used to living with dogs. From 2000 our first dog arrived Sam with us, a Jack Russel who was allowed to turn 19 years old. And we have our Jho the Pug. She is now 10 years old but still runs whole every day tough with our ridges.

Exactly 6.5 years ago, when our children were a little older, we lost ourselves heart on the Rhodesian Ridgeback. We delved into this breed and considered whether it was wise to have such a beautiful, powerful dog with a headstrong attitude to add character to our family. But after reading a lot of information and visiting different breeders grew our love for the breed alone but more. And so a Ridgeback came into our family. People with a Ridgeback sometimes told us stories. That they are so nice be stubborn and have certain characteristics. For example not wanting in the rain walk or that they invent all kinds of ways to still crawl on your lap ...People could not properly explain how a Ridgeback will automatically find its place in it family conquers. And now I often search for words about something like a performance to give what a Ridgeback does to you! It is a feeling and a bond that you get with your dog, but as I say now  principles disappear and it becomes a way of living together!

Djabaro was born on January 31, 2014. From the coverage to the childbirth and until we can no longer wait, he came to us with 8 weeks of age family. We had sought out a good coach beforehand guide at the start. Djabaro was a very inquisitive boy from the start and he did everything for a cookie. Well, everything…. He didn't want to go on wet grass that quickly became clear during the training. He quickly lay down on a jacket that lay on the floor and still got his cookie. In the sequel we are names own “down"pillow. So that was the beginning of ... Yes, living with one Ridgeback!

Our wish to make Djabaro a father once came true in 2017. One terribly beautiful experience. The coverage and then the time they were born becoming so special to be able to experience. Of course we could not resist temptation and have his wonderful daughter from 10 amazing beautiful and stable puppies can choose. Her name is Zahra. She's a real one her dad's clone, in- and outside. She is sweet and has a soft character. She will be treated like a diva. Zahra is not easily impressed and had like pup no need for her dad. Djabaro was a good father and left her her own discovering things. Now that she is getting her maturity and can take a beating, they love to play around. Zahra is a naughty girl and challenges her father likes to go out for a sprint. He then makes her believe that he is taking part, but at the start he already let her win !! It is too comical with these two and especially enjoy.

You are at the start of your own Ridgeback. Or your love is not like us stop and another one is added. With us, dreams continue to grow and we are ready  for a nest with Zahra. Preparations have been going on for 2 years because breeding is not something you just do. It requires knowledge about genetics and about everything that involves responsible breeding. By the knowledge that I am the In recent years it has become my passion and I will go there with all my heart for!

What I already told at the start of my story, "MyDumisha" is not just like that made up. It was born at Djabaro. Two girlfriends have since shared theirs passion through the friendship between two brothers Djabaro & Djembe. Unfortunately you can Djembé are no longer with us, but the kennel name MyDumisha stands for something these brothers taught us. We hope that we have our passion for this great breed share with others!